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At CoffeeKennels we are a family owned, ethical breeder located between Castlemaine and Kyneton in Victoria who care for the wellbeing of our dogs. 

Unlike a typical breeding facility who home their dogs in 7m x 3m pens with concrete floors and 1.8m wire walls, we have large, grassed areas where our dogs can frolic and play. They all sleep inside our house at night as they are a part of our family. Our dogs have a 44m square exercise yard that they mingle with each other to get their socialisation and are inside during their pregnancies in air-conditioned comfort for their wellbeing. Our puppies have constant socialisation to ensure they are well adjusted parts of their new family from day one of leaving us. We use Early Neurological Stimulation techniques for puppies. To put it simply, ENS introduces puppies to mild forms of stimulations and stressors. These stimulations can kick start their neurological system and improve their natural abilities. The ENS puppy training consists of different body handling exercises.  

The exercises are done during a puppy’s neonatal period, starting on day 3 from birth and lasting until day 16. During this developmental phase, puppies are very sensitive and helpless. Their eyes are still closed until day 10 and they start hearing things around 2 weeks old. Although they can’t see or hear yet, they can already sense touch. Early Neurological Stimulation for puppies has been shown to improve their neurological development, along with a variety of other benefits for their overall development, emotional stability, and health.  In fact, some studies suggest that only 35% of a puppy’s performance is up to their genetics and up to 65% is determined by their environment. For this reason, it’s crucial that a puppy gets enough body handling, socialization, training, a good diet, and a safe living environment from birth. 

Our dogs are of course fully vaccinated and wormed to ensure optimum health. The girls are pre and post pregnancy vet checked to make sure they will have easy safe labour’s and are healthy on the other side of whelping. 

Our boys are yearly vet checked to ensure healthy pups too. All our breeding dogs have been DNA tested and are clear of any breed specific genetic defects and the Golden Retrievers all have above average hip scores and our Poodles have optical certificates clearing them of any genetic eye problems. We do this to ensure only the healthiest of pups leave our facility. We are members of The Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders #17095, and are registered breeders with our local council # DAB/2022/004. 

To be parts of both organisations we have yearly audits from a vet and our local ranger. We are constantly trying to find ways to improve the way we run and how our facility is set out. All of our puppies go to their furever homes microchipped, vaccinated, vet checked, with a puppy pack, 6 weeks pet insurance through PetCover and a 3-year 100% money back health guarantee for your piece of mind as well as ongoing support for the life of the dog.

My name is Greg, and I am the owner and carer for all the dogs.

These dogs are all dear to my heart and I am privileged to be able to provide a service that I get so much joy from. I take the wellbeing of my dogs very seriously and treat them as if they each are one of my children. My human kids love the idea of spending time with all their pets too and are becoming very good handlers themselves. They are a very good assistance during the busy times. I love spending time with my dogs, and couldn’t think of anything I would rather do more. I adore my dogs and they love me back. Our pups reflect the love and care we provide for our dogs and your pups.

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